Wingin' It:

The Podcast For People Who Don't Have Their Shit Together!

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What We Do:

We Start with Real Shit: The Day Of Great Despair (DGD)

We talk about how struggle feels while “the struggle" is happening We talk about the shit you need to hear before you know you need to hear it


We Validate And Afrm Failure As Part Of The Process

We initiate you into our fraternity of failures We share painful stories of failure and how important it is to our present


No Guruin’!

We Humbly Admit That We Don’t Know Shit….and Neither Do You! We discuss how to survive all the guru shit you've told yourself you have to uphold No judgment!

  • We inspire you to persist yet appreciate the rawness of being in it.
  • We redefine perfection as the acceptance that we are all a beautiful composition of flaws…thus flawless.
  • We know the enemy: Humanity with all of its flaws and blemishes, failures and mistakes represents “us” and the way of life we fight to protect. Perfection, then, is our sworn enemy.
  • We cherish the emotional turbulence of stumbling We dialogue about real shit. Raw. Uncut. Honest. Truth.
  • We reject Guru Bullshit. Fuck all your “seven steps to…” your “12 principles to whatever” and “all you have to do is…” bullshit.
  • We embrace that there are no simple, easy, focus-grouped, branded, packaged, commoditized answers.
  • We unapologetically create the narrative for our experience.
  • We value the depth of our despair and advocate being present, learning from it, and sharing those lessons far more than the height of our “success”.

Why You Should Listen:

Our Flow:

  • We Create The Environment Where Our Hosts and Guests Enter “The Zone”.
  • We discuss our worst moments freely We go deep into our feelings.
  • We express our lack of emotional preparation for these moments.
  • We articulate (if we can) what we're learning in real time.
  • We Create A Musical And Cultural Backdrop That Allows For Real Interaction Between Us and Our Listeners.
  • We Believe And Operate In The Spirit of True Hip-Hop, “Two Turntables and A Microphone”.
  • We Are Not Limited By Location Or Resource. Our Show Moves With The Moment.